• 7 Effective Tools to Increase Your Windows Reserved Storage Speed After Installing Antivirus

    Posted on October 21, 2020

    Third Party Disk Checking Tools

    I have a USB that is recognized by the Disk Management (Windows 7) and shows an Unallocated partition. But I can’t create a New Simple Volume or format or any thing.

    Is It A Software Or Hardware Issue?

    I have read countless posts and not been able to get my USB drive to mount. Went out and bought another one today and it didn’t work. Mine is detected on but the name is local disc F and not the name of my HD.

    • We’ve probably all dumped files in the recycle bin, emptied it and then a later date wish we hadn’t.
    • While we’re on the subject of recovering data from hard drives its worth mentioning that it’s also possible to recover data from Recycle bins.
    • PC Inspector File Recovery has been around a relatively long time and is widely regarded as good recovery tool.
    • It also allows you to restore files that have been permanently deleted from the drive as long as they have not been overwritten.

    I plug the HD back into my windows PC binkw32.dll was not found, and now it does not recognize it anymore. I have Windows Vista and I’m using a small Toshiba 150gb external. The Toshiba itself just stopped working this morning and when I plug it in, will not show up on My Computer and will not light up. It won’t show up on Device Manager/Disk Management either.

    But when i clicked it, it said F is not accessible, data error ( cyclic redundancy check). This prob arise after i plug in my HD to my friend’s laptop. Same thing with a Silicon Power 32G Flash drive. Goes to windows update, and doesnt find a driver either. so now the HD is not recognized neither from MAcbook, or from windows PC.

    The only two available options when right click are Properties and Help. My external 1TB seagate USB+ HDD 5400rpm works on laptops well. In my case, drive is not listed in Disk Management Area.

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